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Who We Are

Vibrant, bold, and pioneering...

... Palais de Tokyo is the dynamic place for the artists of our time. It is also the largest center for contemporary artistic creation in all of Europe, as well as a one-of-a-kind exhibition space.

A rebellious wasteland with the air of a Palace, an anti-museum in permanent transformation, Palais de Tokyo has kept Paris full of life and on its toes since 2002. At once convivial and challenging, generous and cutting edge, inviting and radical, poetic and transgressive, it is a space to learn, to experience, to feel, and to live – a space from which the unexpected springs forth.

Driven by the desire to change our vision of art, the Palais de Tokyo invites us to bear witness to the audacities of our time and to live the experience of art in the making, in all its guises.

Dedicated to both emerging…

… and established artists from France and around the world, the Palais de Tokyo’s programming is punctuated by thematic and monographic exhibitions, large-scale artistic interventions, and carte blanche invitations to artists who take over the entirety of the space. Each season is accompanied by completely new transformations within the Palais, as artists welcome visitors into the heart of their practice, renewing their relationship to art.

Open to all disciplines and with the ambition to explore all realms of artistic expression – from performance to fashion to arts and crafts and more – Palais de Tokyo has also developed a cultural program at the intersection of movement, sound, and language, and in 2015 launched the annual “DO DISTURB” festival.

In resonance with the exhibitions…

… presented within the center itself, Palais de Tokyo has developed an editorial policy articulated by the magazine PALAIS and a collection of monographs.

From 2002 to 2017, Palais de Tokyo provided an artist residency, the Pavillon Neuflize OBC, which was a laboratory of artistic creation. Since 2002, it has also helped to promote the influence of the French art scene abroad through the conception and organization of several exhibitions beyond the walls of the Palais every year on the occasion of major international art events.

True to its civic mission, Palais de Tokyo proved itself to be a reference in the area of cultural mediation early on thanks to an innovative, diversified, and generous approach to connecting with the public.

Completely unique among French exhibition spaces...

... the Palais de Tokyo’s economic model continues to be a focus of interest. The model is based on a combination of public and private financing, which enables Palais de Tokyo to generate over half the establishment’s operating budget every year, notably thanks to corporate sponsorship and the association Amis du Palais de Tokyo, as well as to the events organized by brands, shows during Fashion Week, and diverse concessions (a bookstore, several restaurants and a club).