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Under the same sky? Uriel Barthélémi

Under the same sky? is a musical performance based on fragments of discussions with refugees on the street in Paris.

These fragments transmit their speech without artifice embellishment. They put us in direct relation with the fragility of the beings who find themselves in the street after trips which sometimes lasted several years.

The unpredictable dialogue of the sound fragments brought into confrontation with the battery / computer game is a direct consequence, without romance, a lively reaction of the interpreter ... here it is only question of sensations, plunging in the situations of the people facing the harshness of exile.

 Uriel Barthélémi: Drums / computers / synths ocs
Thanks to Marwan Farran for the translation


On 21/09/2017, at 21 pm

From 2 pm to 10 pm

Free access, via the Parvis