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Toguna The Site of all Knowledge

As a place of conviviality and sharing, the Toguna is a setting favourable to concentration and contemplation, sketching out a collective territory, both in its conception and its use. As an endless object of interpretations, its aesthetic particularity instantly shows that another form of apprenticeship is possible.

The Toguna was above all conceived as a broad landscape to be explored and visited. It is an immersive work, both as an observatory of different forms of knowhow and a stock of experimental materials. The Toguna examines our relationship with transmission by spilling out beyond the classic form of the amphitheatre.

An immersive work devoted to the transmission of knowledge with: Maloles Antignac (ceramic artist), Pierre-Henri Beyssac (marquetry-maker), Jean-Marc Ferrari (visual artist), Dimitry Hlinka (designer), Jérémy Maxwell Wintrebert (glass-blower), Thomas Niemann (wrought-iron craftsman), François-Xavier Richard (wallpaper designer), Frédéric Richard (gilder), Martine Rey (lacquerer), Anne Laure Sacriste (visual artist), Thomas Teurlai (visual artist), Marion Verboom (visual artist), Julien Vermeulen (feather-maker), Lina Gothmeh (architect), MTX Broderie Architecturale, Sèvres-Cité de la Céramique.

The Toguna is also the setting of Atelier des regardeurs which started in 2017 and whose inaugural cycle was directed by Bernard Marcadé. Organised around a theme (“Shadows”, “Testing yourself out” “Theatricalizing”, etc.), each workshop takes as its departure point today’s most radical artistic practices and goes back through time to find echoes and resonances reaching as far as prehistory.

Exhibition curators: Jean de Loisy et Sandra Adam.


Site-specific installations Site-specific installation

Opening 16/02/2018


Un projet conçu grâce au partenariat avec la Fondation Bettencourt Schueller