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Sarah Fauguet & David Cousinard Run Deep / Run Silent

Sarah Fauguet and David Cousinard intervene in space to deploy sizeable sculptures that reveal their interest in architecture and cinema. Between abstraction and figuration, playing with relationships of scale, their works constitute strange, disturbing environments in which the visitor is prompted to walk around. The work developed in a constant relationship to the space engenders the creation of scenarios; only certain clues to these are perceptible. Unknowingly, the viewer, through his or her presence and the route he or she follows, creates the link between the pieces..

Using wood as a matter of preference, but not exclusively, the artists often handle it in reconstituted and inexpensive versions (bonded, MDF and plywood), while leaving the option of working with valuable noble species of wood open. Their use of coarse materials is counterbalanced by their impeccable workmanship. The learning of techniques, incidents or weaknesses are part of the process of creation. So production is a working period during which the story takes shape. A journey from abstraction to volume

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From 19/04/2012 to 03/06/2012