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Samuel Bianchini (EnsadLab) SUREXPOSITION

From 6 pm to midnight

Send a message from the Surexposition application or by SMS to 31014, prefixed by the keyword “SUREX” (free apart from the possible cost of an SMS).

Surexposition is an urban installation, pulsating in the sky, with an intense beam of white light. These light signals, given off by a large black monolith and visible all over the city, are Morse code messages, sent by everyone, to everyone and to the sky, via smartphones. This monolith rests on a carpet of data: a map projected onto the ground, reflecting the city-wide use of cell-phones. Returning to the very essence of Morse, the messages are then transformed into a sound composition, broadcast by the installation, as well as by the public’s smartphones. A momentary community forms and is transformed, as the event beats on.

“From communication to community: the messages and the moment when each one is displayed are here, above all, media for a rhythm, a sensitive experience, a work which is distributed and shared city-wide.”

Surexposition is an interactive work produced under the direction of Samuel Bianchini, the artist and researcher/lecturer at EnsadLab, born in Nancy in 1971, in collaboration with Dominique Cunin (EnsadLab), Catherine Ramus (Orange Labs / Sense) and Marc Brice (Orange Labs / Openserv) under the aegis of a research partnership with orange labs, and Roland Cahen (sound design).

The research and development for this work were carried out in association with the research project  Cosima (“Collaborative Situated Media”), coordinated by Ircam and sponsored by the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) and participate in the development of Mobilizing.js (, a programming environment for mobile screens, conceived by l’EnsadLab, aimed at artists and designers. This version of Surexposition benefits from a partnership with idscènes and Ircam under the aegis of the Cosima project.


From 17/02/2016 to 20/02/2016