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Sabbam Adittam / Everything is Burning A Circle of Readings and Voices

Sabbam Adittam / Everything is Burning” is imagined as a live relay of readings by a circle of voices from around the world, kindled by the warmth, light, transformative capacity, and danger of fire. This online event concludes ‘Our World is Burning’, curated by Abdellah Karroum and Fabien Danesi at the Palais de Tokyo.


The readings, taken from a variety of sources from many cultures – from myth, philosophy, poetry, science, reportage and reflection – are harvested from Raqs Media Collective’s eclectic reading. The title of the event alludes, understandably, to the Buddha’s Fire Sermon, as it connects to the fragment in their film “Provisions for Everybody” which is being screened online until September 13th, as part of the Palais’ online program.

This collection of readings is more than just an incendiary list of allusions to events, people and processes. Instead, Raqs desire to develop a form of thinking-in-action suited to a burning, turning world. The readings touch upon social crises, love, global warming, popular uprisings, forest fires, and cooking. The invited voices are those of artists, curators, archivists, writers, poets, filmmaker and curators 



Thanks to the readers : Abdellah Karroum (curator), Fabien Danesi (curator), Laura Barlow (curator), Omar Berrada (curator and writer), Inaam Obtel (artist), Lantian Xie (artist), Michelle Wun Ting Wong (curator and archivist), Kabelo Malatsie (curator), Dayanita Singh (artist), Santhosh S (art historian), Abhishek Hazra (artist), Pallavi Paul (artist), Valentine Umansky (curator), Khtek (rapper), Bady Dalloul (artist), Karim Rafi (sound artist), Krzysztof Styczynski (poet).



The talk will be in several languages (English, French, Arabic)
The Zoom ID will be announced some days before.

On 13/09/2020 at 4pm.

On Zoom.