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Through her study Topography of Tears, Rose-Lynn Fisher (b. 1955, lives and works in Los Angeles) has examined over a hundred tears hers and those of others using an optical microscope. Started in 2008 and made up of over a hundred images, the series qualified by the creator as “aerial views of emotional terrain” reveals the complexity and the elusive nature of the feelings that inhabit us. These tears are the result of fits of laughter, moments of doubt, grief or exasperation…

Rose-Lynn Fisher has concentrated on macro /micro photography for many years. Her research attempts to materialize and make visible through images, the physical manifestations of the intangible. The extreme variety and dissemblance between each of these tear studies reveal humanity’s infinite nature, the existence of a multitude of territories inside of us like so many worlds that can be revealed by photography; yet they remain “foreign” and indecipherable to us.