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Paris Ass Book Fair

For its second edition, the Paris Ass Book Fair takes place at Palais de Tokyo between 16th and 18th of March 2018.


Paris Ass Book Fair brings together a range of artists, booksellers and publishers of art books, artists’ books and fanzines, all of whom approach print as a medium in its own right. Their publications cover a wide range of formats: fanzines, artists’ books, clothes, multiples, comics, and literature. What they share is a desire to explore taboos, sex and gender – and all of their representations and troubles – as playful, poetic and political subjects.

Paris Ass Book Fair is a queer fair in that it is a safe space for queers and a space open to diversity.

Paris Ass Book Fair is a meeting place for artists, publishers, booksellers and readers that looks to stimulate exchange and creativity in a spirit of openness, inventiveness and mutual respect. 

The fair will bring together fifty or so publishers, booksellers and artists, and include a cultural programme featuring talks, workshops, performances and projections.


Vendredi 16 mars

16h00 : Ouverture de l’exposition de Jeffrey Cheung (UNITY)


Samedi 17 mars

en salle 37 :

14h00 : Hot Type – Dan Rhatigan

16h00 : 352_LarryBobbyKiss_1979web0.jpg – Christopher Clary

18h00 : Collectionner des publications d’artistes

20h00 : THE GAME OF LIFE – CONGRAT’s! Team

à l'extérieur :

14h00 : Don’t Be Afraid of Who You Are
(Unity Queer Skate Day Paris at the Palais de Tokyo)


Dimanche18 mars

en salle 37 :

14h00 : Canal supérieur – Philippe Roger

15h00 : Cave Club #8 sabrina soyer

16h00 : EAAPES : Exploration des Alternatives Arrivantes de Provenance Extra-Solaire – Clara Pacotte & Charlotte Houette

17h30 : THE GAME OF LIFE – CONGRAT’s! Team

18h00 : Canal supérieur – Philippe Roger



  • AA Bronson
    Berlin, Allemagne

  • Aaron Krach
    Brooklyn NY, USA

  • After 8 Books
    Paris, France

  • Aïda Bruyère
    Le Pré Saint-Gervais, France

  • Alec Stevens & Jo Kimber
    Bristol, Grande-Bretagne

  • Anthony Malone
    New York, USA

  • Bebe Books
    Gand, Belgique

  • Billy Serib
    Paris, France

  • Bolo Paper
    Milan, Italie

  • Bound Leather Zine
    Brooklyn NY, USA

  • Carlos Vergara
    Barranquila, Colombie

  • Cave club
    Paris, France

  • Céline Le Gouail
    Paris, France

  • Christopher Clary
    New York, USA

  • CONGRATS! Team
    Paris, France

  • Crooked
    Montréal, Canada

  • Derek Axton
    Paris, France

  • Editions Patrick Frey
    Zürich, Suisse

  • Éditions Ripopée
    Nyon, Suisse

  • Fred Morin
    Paris, France

  • Galerie Arts Factory
    Paris, France

  • horse gurl press

    Londres, Grande-Bretagne

  • Jacopo Benassi
    La Spezia, Italie

  • Jean Boîte Éditions & On Your Slate Éditions
    Paris & Toulon, France

  • Kink
    Barcelone, Espagne

  • Konstantin Zhukov
    Londres, Grande-Bretagne

  • Lou Reina, Cloé Barbier, Luce Castry, Lila Gallinière
    Paris, France

  • Maïc Batmane
    Paris, France

  • Maison Dagoit
    Rouen, France

  • Marco Siciliano
    Milan, Italie

  • Marine Peixoto & Clara Prioux
    Paris, France

  • Marthe’ Oh
    Paris, France

  • M.I/mi1glissé
    Berlin, Allemagne

  • Michael Crowe
    Londres, Grande-Bretagne

  • MonoRhetorik
    La Haye, Pays Bas

  • Nicolas Kuttler
    Paris, France

  • Oparo
    Aubervilliers, France

    Pantin, France

  • Péixe Collardot
    Strasbourg, France

  • Perdita Metabuk
    Barcelone, Espagne ; Paris, France

  • Pietra Publications
    Gand, Belgique

  • Pink Mince
    New York, USA

  • Practice
    New York, USA

  • Printed Matter, Inc
    New York, USA

  • Samopal Books / Slice of Pizza
    Moscou, Russie ; Paris, France

  • Scott Ramsay Kyle
    Londres, Grande-Bretagne

  • Sholem Krishtalka
    Berlin, Allemagne

  • Sissy Boy
    Brooklyn NY, USA

  • Sylvain Gaudenzi x Zabriskie Point
    Paris, France

  • Terrain Vagues
    Paris, France

  • Tom de Pekin
    Paris, France

  • Unity Press
    Oakland, USA


From 16/03/2018 to 18/03/2018

Free admission