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Notte Lusoria Alex Cecchetti

For one evening, the artist Alex Cecchetti is offering an immersion into his very own interstellar, magical world. sheltered inside large “tent-curtains”, artists give tarot readings or dance to the sound of a piano. Further off, a glass harp accompanies a choir inspired by whale song, while Cécilia Bengolea dances amidst the audience on Alex Cecchetti’s poems. The evening ends with a moment of exchanges between the artists and the public.

A visual artist, poet and choreographer, Alex Cecchetti (born in 1977 in Italy, lives between Paris and London) conceives his performances, unclassifiable objects and installations, as participations in the construction of unique tales. Ranging from a stand-up comedy about death, to a backwards walk through the botanical gardens, or a visit to the Louvre without the Louvre, “each of his works is an experience shared by a community of spectators. His poetic, gestural language mysteriously brings the participants together to then embark them on journeys in which perceptions and the great existential questions are brought into play. He has worked with a large number of institutions such as the Centre Pompidou, le Jeu de Paume or else the Serpentine Gallery (London).


- From 5 pm: Concert (piano)
- From 5:30 pm: Tarot Readers
- 6 pm / 7:30 pm / 9 pm / 10:30 pm: Cetaceans 30’ (Glass Harmonica, Choir, Poems)
- 8:30 pm / 10 pm / 11 pm: Clitoris
- 8 pm: Le Club Pour L’Émancipation Du Hasard


Piano: Marino Formenti
Tarot Readers: Alex Cecchetti, Milovan Farronato, Timothy Morton
Clitoris: Cecilia Bengolea & Alex Cecchetti
Cetaceans: Thomas Bloch (Glass Harmonica) and Choir with Louise Fudym, Bianca Iannuzzi, Romain Lafitte, Mia Mandineau, Jordan Mouaissia, Simon Solas, Virginie Truc-Carta
Le club Pour l’Emancipation du Hasard: Mélodie Marcq, Perle Palombe

Curator: Vittoria Matarrese

Soirée perfor(m)ée

On 23/02/2017 from 5 pm to midnight

The event can be accessed only upon presentation of an entry ticket.

« Notte Lusoria is a cocoon, a space where we can float, suspended, without running after the next scare. If we do so, maybe, for once, instead of being the travellers, we will be the journey… »

Alex Cecchetti

This event benefits from the support of ARS ULTIMA - STEIN & GUILLOT ART FOUNDATION - Paris.