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Mathis Collins Dry French

Under the auspices of the Modules Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent, Palais de Tokyo is presenting the first large-scale solo show in a cultural venue in Paris of the artist Mathis Collins, with new productions, associated with a series of existing works.

Mathis Collins has developed a practice mixing sculpture, performance and poetry, in which he stages himself as a poetic and political figure.

For this show, Mathis Collins (born in 1986, lives in London) has reproduced an artist’s studio on the terrace of a café, for the creation of works made up of sculptures and photographs. These in turn trigger off a tension around the question of collective creation, when confronted by the figure of the solitary artist, in an allusion to the use of cafés by the artistic avant-gardes of the 19th century and the romantic vision of touristic Paris.

Curator: Katell Jaffrès


Mathis Collins (born in 1986, based in Paris and London) studied at the Ecole d’Art de Cergy, then in Brussels, Montreal and Metz. The Palais de Tokyo in collaboration with the Musée d’Art Moderne, Paris, presented his work as a duo show with Cyril Verde in 2010 under the title Dynasty, and more recently as part of the travelling exhibition Inside China in Hong-Kong and Shanghai, in partnership with the K11Art Foundation.
Mathis Collins takes part in the activities of the Parisian group Treize. He is currently living in London, on the Open School East programme.


From 20/10/2015 to 21/11/2015