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Mathilde Fernandez & Cécile di Giovanni As part of La Manutention - Performers in Résidency

When confronted by a world in crisis, in which suspicions of its collapse are spreading in an endless digital flow, the duo formed by Mathilde Fernandez & Cécile di Giovanni questions what being together means today.  For their residency at the Palais de Tokyo, they are experimenting with the capacity of bodies to come together around contemporary rituals: those that reveal and accompany the vanishing of a society, the arrival of a new one and the transitional, uncomfortable state that occurs between the two.

The duo takes us on a series of original rites so as to expiate, purify and soothe the powerful emotions that grasp our minds, projecting them into a future in suspense.



Thursday 28 November at 7pm
“Ensemble, enfants perdus” (“Together, Lost Children”)

The first evening opens with the question of youth… games, choirs, yells and other musical experiments mingle in an immersive installation. Between behavioural upsets and vocal (dis)harmony, childhood is being reinvented in an identity which is at once hybrid, disturbing and utterly powerful.


With Natàlia Assis, Victor Campillo, Samuel Cordat, Jerôme Grivel, Groupe Vengeance (Julie Meilleur - Joy Charpentier - Audrey Jésus - Sophia el Mokhtar), Claudia Maté, Kerya In and la chorale Beaugrenelle.


Thursday 12 December at 7.30pm [CANCELLED]
“Ensemble, survivre maintenant” (“Together, Survive Now”)

It is now survival time, while bodies are being confronted with a “safe zone” of a new sort... survival, anti-pollution training and safety norms are evoked by the artists to reinvest them with gestures and voices, while also injecting a dose of the unexpected and spontaneity. 


Thursday 19 December at 7pm
“Ensemble, survivre maintenant” (“Together, Survive Now”)

As a celebration, a final evening devoted to fire will deal with hope and renewal. From the bonfires on Saint John’s Eve to the renaissance of the phoenix, without forgetting fires of joy, this vital element in rites of passage from one age to another, and also gatherings, means being able to break free from the past and raise a torch towards the future, no matter how uncertain it might be.

With :Jardin, Myrtille Hetzel, Josep Maynou, Martin Campillo, Nicolas Dau, Paris Cheerleaders, Natália de Assis, Givaudan
With the support of: C2NRBC (La cellule nationale nucléaire radiologique biologique chimique), unité spécialisée de la Gendarmerie Nationale, Givaudan, Les Joyeux Recycleurs, Marine Serre


Curatorship: Vittoria Matarrese
Projects managers: Alice Giudicenti et Licia Demuro
Technical manager: Gilles Seclin


From 28/11/2019 to 19/12/2019

A date each Thursdays on the 28th of November and 19th of December starting at 7pm

The event can be accessed only upon presentation of an entry ticket.

Mathilde Fernandez & Cécile di Giovanni

Mathilde Fernandez comes from the south of France. She lives and works between Brussels and Paris.

Coming from a milieu of both the visual and performing arts, her musical project began in 2015 when she started exploring the various possibilities of her voice. Today, both electronically and acoustically, there can be heard in her singing clear lyrical influences, reminiscent of Klaus Nomi, Nina Hagen, Kate Bush or else Diamanda Galas. For the production and staging of her clips and visuals, Mathilde enriches her baroque universe through numerous collaborations: Cécile di Giovanni, La Tendre Emeute, Perez, La Femme and more recently the duo “Ascendant Vierge” which she formed with Paul Seul, a founder member of the Casual Gabberz crew.

Breaking the barrier between disciplines has become a necessity for her, leading her to mix different media in a radical way: performance, sound, music, video, installation, theatre, dance, writing and exhibition curating.

Cécile di Giovanni is an artist, artistic director and scenographer who lives and works in Paris. She explores violence and resistance through the misappropriation of objects and direction. Coming from the generation of millennials, she manipulates the icons, codes and myths which forged her youth to play on the effects which they exercise over her perception of the modern world. She turns misappropriation and stage direction into an outlet, a cathartic means of self-transcendence. At the heart of a violent, scary world, Cécile tries to exorcise her perception of reality – contrasted by the disillusion of past promises – through an intelligent use of symbols and rituals. All her works attempt to arm, protect and transform bodies which are victims of violence. Taking inspiration from real and fictional situations, Cécile di Giovanni tries to unveil through a symbolic strength, along with a certain irony, the power, complexity and the drifting of the human mind when it is pushed into its final defences. 

She has in particular collaborated with the designer Virgil Abloh, the artist Mohamed Bourouissa and the musicians Mathilde Fernandez, Jagwar Twin and Yseult.

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