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Martin Soto Climent Frenetic Gossamer

Invited to produce a site specific installation for Palais de Tokyo’s new cafeteria (level 1), the Mexican artist Martin Soto Climent will mobilize an emblematic element of his work – tights. While they usually evoke femininity, in the artist’s project the flexible and synthetic veils are stretched from the ground to the ceiling, composing a network of straight lines that forms a vault above the cafeteria.  

Through the reenactment, under the high arches of Palais de Tokyo, of this construction largely found in religious buildings, Martin Soto Climent suggests the sacredness of the place that he perceives as a "cathedral for art". The installation mobilizes the graphic dimension and the architectural potential of tights, first stretched on frames where they look like swathes of color before forming a gigantic nylon spider web occupying the whole space.

Curator: Daria de Beauvais

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Site-specific installations Site-specific installation

From 19/02/2016 to 11/09/2016

"I see my own work as a result of female energy, because it’s about transformation without damage or penetration."
Martin Soto Climent interviewed by Oliver Kielmayer, ArtPulse, 2012

Martin Soto Climent

Martin Soto Climent was born in 1977 in Mexico, where he lives and works. Since 2002, he has presented his work in numerous Mexican institutions and has been featured for ten years in many international exhibitions.  Included in "The Black Moon" at Palais de Tokyo during the "Nouvelles Vagues" program in 2013, he took part in exhibitions at the ICA (London, 2015), at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Chicago, 2014) and at the Migros Museum (Zurich, 2010). He is represented by the galleries Clifton Benevento (New York), Michael Bevevento (Los Angeles), Karma International (Zurich), T293 (Rome & Naples) and Proyectos Monclova (Mexico).