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Markus Schinwald Overture

In the Galerie Wilson, Markus Schinwald explores the monumental architecture of the Palais de Tokyo to design an installation that is theatrical in appearance; through the interplay of shade and light and manipulations of space and time, it invites visitors to discover a disturbing, agonizing universe.

As a foretaste of the infernal mechanical theater Markus Schinwald is designing for the nave of the CAPC museum of contemporary art in Bordeaux for the summer of 2013, the Palais de Tokyo has invited the Austrian artist and Alexis Vaillant, the head of programming at the CAPC and the curator of the exhibition, to present the lodestone of that automation adventure in Paris, an adventure that will be the high point of the 40th-anniversary program of the CAPC in Bordeaux museum.

Over a period of about ten years Markus Schinwald has developed a fantastical universe made up of tightrope-walking animals, metaphysical prostheses, skittish marionettes, old pieces of furniture “SM-ized”, Biedermeier-era paintings with wicked retouches, spaces modified to the point of physically constricting visitors, a universe that questions both our screen-world and its contemporary phantoms.


From 16/10/2016 to 10/02/2013