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Liminoid Seance, Florencia Rodriguez Giles

Thursday 10 March, 7pm – midnight

Winner of the Prix Braque 2015 – organized by the French Embassy in Argentina and the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (Buenos Aires) in partnership with the Palais de Tokyo –, the Argentinian artist Florencia Rodriguez Giles is assembling several amateur hip-hop dancers and a group of musicians for a mesmerizing performance. Entitled Séance Liminoïde, this original new creation is the result of a work around daily experiences of inner life – such as dreams, déjà-vu sensations, or phantasmatic feelings. These are then re-examined so as to explore other modes of being in the world or, rather, of “being between worlds”. Without a fixed beginning or end, this performance is to enjoy freely between 7pm and midnight.

Florencia Rodriguez Giles (B. 1978, lives and works in Buenos Aires) is together a performer, a choreographer and a visual artist. Her plural work has a visual as well as therapeutic vocation. Her six months residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris enabled her to work on a long-term research, the result of which is a synesthetic experience tinged with occultism.

Louis Arlette

Mohad Sanou
Inès Senturo
Bboy Sck
Jean Boog
Manon Del Colle
Iliass Mjouti
Sara Manuela Cardoso Kalinda
Salomon Mpondo-Dicka
Bianca Lee Vasquez

Choreographer assistant:
Barbara Hang

Melanie Nassimoff

Costume designer: 
Roberto Pozzi

Artistic realization:
Luciana Bertotto
Vicente Occhionero
Charlotte Rusthies