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Libia Posada SAM Art Projects Residency

Libia Posada lives in Medellín, in Colombia, where she works as a doctor and artist. These two practices nourish one another and converge towards thoughts about different political, cultural, and historical situations affecting the society’s most vulnerable and neglected people. The individual and group projects which Libia Posada conducts with women having suffered from domestic physical violence, or else with victims of enforced displacements, mingle care and creation. Medical material, mapping and representation of sequels are all tools coming from science that allow both the participants and the artist to reveal and transform physical and mental pains coming from complex socio-political contexts. For the artist “the geographical territory and the territory of the individual body should be apprehended as the space of representation of the experience.” In her projects, the description, visualisation and localisation of this experience lead to its understanding, both by the victims and more generally by society.

Reappropriation and sharing are the driving forces of the creative and curative processes used by Libia Posada. For her solo show, she is developing her researches into the use of medicinal plants and the continuation of such ancestral knowledge, when confronted by the economic interests of the pharmaceutical industry. The artist conducts an investigation with migrant persons who are based in or passing through the Paris region. Together, they are building up a repertory of therapeutic recipes and plants that each of the participants carry with them and use to take care of themselves.

At the Palais de Tokyo, so-called modern medicine and an environment close to the normalised space of a hospital will be inhabited by these migrant persons' words and disrupt by medicinal plants. The environment imagined by the artist also brings in traces of the participants’ and the plants’ migrations. The exhibition has been thought out as a space for a cohabitation of knowledges coming from different cultures and communities and a place for a transmission of liberating knowledges.


Curator: Adélaïde Blanc


This exhibition benefits from the support of:



From 19/06/2020 to 13/09/2020



Libia Posada

Libia Posada was born in 1959 in Medellín, in Colombia, where she lives and works. After graduating in medicine and surgery in 1989, she followed a course in the visual arts at the University of Antioquia from 1991 to 1996. Her long-term projects lead to actions in public spaces and exhibitions, such as at the Jameson Gallery (Duke University, USA, 2017), the Museum of Antioquia (Medellín, 2012) and the National Museum of Colombia (Bogota, 2007). In Europe, her work has been presented in group shows, in particular “Medellín, une histoire colombienne” at Les Abattoirs (Toulouse, 2017). The Medellín Museum of Modern Art is devoting a solo show to her work in early 2020.