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Laurent Derobert Fragments de mathématiques existentielles

For the reopening of the Palais de Tokyo, Laurent Derobert has dreamt up a constellation linking several cupolas in the building. At the main entrance, visitors are confronted by the mathematical formula for “Force d’attraction de l’être rêvé” [Power of attraction of the dreamt-of being]. On the lower floor, “Vitesse de libération de l’être” [Speed of liberation of the being] and “Asymptote des mondes” [The worlds’ asymptote] are opposite one another. In a more secret area, the formula “Dérivée du souffle” [Derivative of breath] can be glimpsed. From these four crucial formulas, the artist thus sketches a pursuit of sublimated beings and worlds.

Site-specific installations Site-specific installation

From 19/04/2012

Laurent Derobert

Laurent Derobert has been developing existential mathematics for several years. Laurent Derobert (b. 1974, lives and works in Avignon) has been developing existential mathematics for several years. A doctor of economics and a researcher (Avignon école Supérieure d’Art and CNRS-GREQAM), he questions our relationship to the world in the form of mathematics and produces equations that are all rigorous, but sensitive poems. The artist’s aim, using mathematics as a tool, is to re-conquer unexplored fields of consciousness and human relations. What evades us, what is concealed, finds a meditative density when it is summed up in a formula. From one formula to the next, it is a question of reducing the internal maze within each individual, that labyrinthine distance that separates us from ourselves, from what we think we are, from what we dream of being.