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Kevin Rouillard - Le Grand mur Winner of SAM PRIZE for contemporary art 2018

Essentially sculptural, Kevin Rouillard’s practice is set in a process of sampling and recuperation, which questions on the one hand the context of the emergence of the forms that he gathers and, on the other, the arrival context of the works he creates. His large assemblages of metallic panels and the carcasses of burnt, flattened canisters are, for him, a way to evoke the world of workers and the circulation of goods throughout the world. The winner of the Sam Art Prize in 2018, Kevin Rouillard conceived his exhibition in Mexico, during a journey that allowed him both to encounter pre-Colombian sculptural imaginary and the political reality of a country sharing a frontier with the USA. Entitled the “Le Grand Mur”, this new project thus makes the Mexican geographical and
social context resonate with his practice as an artist, made up of large assemblages of monochrome sheet metal, which here draw out a landscape void of signs or markers.


Kevin Rouillard (a graduate of the ENSBA Paris in 2014) was born in 1989 in Vendôme. He lives and works in Marseille.


Curator: Franck Balland


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From 21/02/2020 to 13/09/2020

Open every day except Tuesdays, from noon until 9pm.


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