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Jon Rafman

The video Remember Carthage, the latest work by the artist Jon Rafman (in collaboration with Rosa Aiello), explores the relationship between memory and identity, both historical and personal. Sourcing footage from PS3 games and Second Life, this video takes the viewer on a journey in search of an abandoned resort hotel deep in the Sahara. Moving seamlessly between actual, virtual, and imaginary space, the work underscores the difficulty of constructing a continuous narrative in a present increasingly bereft of meaning. While using technological tools themselves to show how they can estrange us from history, this film blurs the line between genuine and reproduced, physical and virtual, remains of the past. Remembering Carthage highlights the impact of a post-internet world on notions of loss, decay, and nostalgia.

Remaining true to its ambition to support the most contemporary artistic practices, in September 2012 the Palais de Tokyo oversees the launch of its Online Projects. An emerging artist whose practice is carried out via the Internet is invited to present an innovative body of work on the Palais de Tokyo website. The first session is opened by the pioneer artist Jon Rafman. Jon Rafman was born in Canada in 1981, and lives and works in Montreal.


From 26/09/2012 to 18/11/2012