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Fashion Program



02/07– Objet Trouvé


BY : Paula Cánovas del Vas and Ernesto Naranjo

6:30pm /  Hall


For the AW Couture 2019 presentation, Spanish designers  Paula Cánovas del Vas and Ernesto Naranjo, Central Saint Martins MA Fashion graduates, join forces to showcase an alternative vision to their collections at Palais de Tokyo ́s Fashion Program. This collaborative project portrays a scenario in which the viewer merges first-hand with the pieces. The event ́s interactive nature and its proximity to the public offers a democratic vision of the fashion system.The two independent collections will be presented in a parallel format, time and space, allowing a synergy between the designs and living sculptures.


Stylist: Victoire Simonney

Set design: Giovanna Martial


05/07  – Maestria


BY : SIDE PROJECT, Playtronica, Alexandre Silberstein and Corentin Still

in collaboration with : ZedSet

7pm / Grande Rotonde


Maestria is the fruit of an innovative artistic collaboration that presents clothes through the original perspective of an installation and an interactive performance.To discover the collection, the spectators will be invited to move through the space: they will be able to touch the pieces in the fifth SIDE PROJECT collection and enter into contact with the work, while participating in a sonic composition retracing each step of the making of a garment.

SIDE PROJECT is a collaborative brand, highlighting art and crafts where several creative media converge. Supported by several professionals in fashion, design, art and crafts, who are already involved in other artistic projects, as professionally, or on a personal basis, SIDE PROJECT emphasises a different aspect of their expertise and creativity, at the service of a shared aesthetic vision.


On 02/07/2018 at 6:30pm and on 05/07/2018 at 7pm

The event can be accessed only upon presentation of an entry ticket.