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Aïda Bruyère Grand Prix of the 64th Salon de Montrouge

The practice of Aïda Bruyère, a young French artist who grew up in Mali, essentially emerges through images. Since her first work as a photographer, which consisted in following the extravagant everyday life of Mamadou Coulibaly, the heir of a rich family in Bamako, up to her recent explorations of bootyshake, she has delved into the construction of identities through trends and attitudes. By finding in urban cultures an inexhaustible source of examples and a way of taking on body issues in the social space, her work takes the form of an immersive installation of prints, often dialoguing
strangely with documentary videos.


Pursuing her investigations into the female battles of dancehall which she set off at the latest salon at Montrouge, Aïda Bruyère will be putting on at the Palais de Tokyo an installation inspired from a nightclub in Bamako, as a setting activated by various moments of dance and video footage. Combining the energy of bodies and the way they depict themselves in a constant rationale of “empowerment”, this new quest sounds out how social and cultural issues are being redefined by the young generation.


Curator: Franck Balland 




From 19/06/2020 to 13/09/2020 


Aïda Bruyère

Born in Dakar in 1995, Aïda Bruyère lives and works in Paris. A 5th year student at the ENSBA, in Paris, she was awarded the 64th prize of Le salon de Montrouge in 2019. Her work has been presented in various group exhibitions, such as “Detroit City Guide Book”, in Paris, or “God Only Knows” and “Les appartements du président chapitre” [The Apartments of President Chapter], respectively at the Galerie Torri in Paris and Le Consortium in Dijon.