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Magazine PALAIS #05

On the occasion of the exhibition CELLAR DOOR, the artist Loris Gréaud and PALAIS / have invited the art historian Pascal Rousseau to design this fifth issue. From premonition to the noise made by neurons, from the global village to the geodesic cosmos, between the Titanic , opera and paintball, this issue of PALAIS / , where the art of yesterday mingles with the art of the day after tomorrow, is about CELLAR DOOR. Texts by: d'Erik Davis, Géraldine Fabre, Bertrand Méheust, Frédéric Migayrou et Pascal Rousseau. Exclusive interview of Loris Gréaud by Marc-Olivier Wahler. Portfolios: Richard Buckminster Fuller, Loris Gréaud, Gianni Motti, Oscar Tuazon. 

Editorial by Pascal Rousseau

Loris Gréaud’s exhibition is a neuronal fantasy (Cellar Door, according to urban myth, is the most beautiful phonetic combination in the world). It is organized as a series of “mixed-up stories,” fitting together various
scales and methods of production, between the cosmos and nano-sculptures, ballistics and sound design, populated by magnetic currents carried by noise—borrowing its methods of proliferation from the collective intelligence of global communication networks. After the manner of Lewis Carroll and in the form of the tale (“Once upon a door…”), Gréaud plays fast and loose with the interferences between times and spaces (ubiquity, acceleration), between explanatory systems and levels of reality (cause/effect, real/virtual, image/cloning). The exhibition can tip into a different one, mutate into a vocal score, fade out or wake up, implode or sample illusion. This issue of PA LAIS / accompanies these mental migrations into geodesic utopia and forms of thought, the impression of “déjà vu” and presentiment, travel in the “noosphere” and somnambulist journeys. Art does not duplicate, it heralds.



Oscar Tuazon - Long Gone

Frédéric Migayrou - The Convulsions of the Concept


Erik Davis - Techgnosis. The Omega Network

Bertrand Méheust -  W.T. Stead and the Titanic: or the Chronicle of an Announced

Loris Gréaud - Interview par Marc-Olivier Wahler

 The Dynamistograph

Géraldine Fabre - Déjà-vu

Gianni Motti - Telepathy

Pascal Rousseau - Brainwaves

PALAIS / Guide -  A selection of books, musics, films and events around Cellar Door


104 pages ; 
Format : 285 x 225 mm
ISSN 1951-672X
ISBN 978-2-84711-029-6
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