Magazine PALAIS #28

On the occasion of his carte blanche at the Palais de Tokyo (from 17 October 2018 to 6 January 2019), the artist Tomás Saraceno is the guest editor-in-chief of issue 28 of the magazine PALAIS.

Tomás Saraceno’s exhibition ON AIR is an emerging ecosystem that hosts a choreography of multiple voices belonging to human and non-human universes and in which works reveal common, fragile and ephemeral rhythms and trajectories linking these worlds. ON AIR is comprised of the myriad presences, animate and inanimate, that meet and cohabit within it. As industrial extraction mines the Earth for resources, threatening entire ecologies, ON AIR celebrates new ways of thinking and new modes of knowledge production that point the way to a planet free of borders and fossil fuels. In so doing, the exhibition responds to the debate and global challenges posed by the Anthropocene, a word coined to define an epoch in which human activity leaves an impact so great that it profoundly modifies terrestrial ecosystems.


Featured in this issue:

Reflecting Tomás Saraceno’s artistic practice and echoing his exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, this issue of PALAIS magazine brings together a large variety of original contributions from philosophers, researchers, scientists, writers, curators, historians and theoreticians. 

With: texts by Benjamin H. Bratton, Vinciane Despret, Anselm Franke, Stavros Katsanevas, Brandon LaBelle, Bruno Latour, Megan Prelinger, João Ribas, Mark Wigley and Estelle Zhong Mengual; an interview of Tomás Saraceno by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, curator of the exhibition; the voices of Albert-László Barabási, Robert Barry, Markus J. Buehler, Luca Cerizza, Tim Choy, Christina Dunbar-Hester, Sasha Engelmann, Milovan Farronato, David Haskell, Jens Hauser, Peggy S. M. Hill, Caroline A. Jones, Leila W. Kinney, Eben Kirksey, Jonathan M. Ledgard, Sofia Lemos, Michael Marder, Derek McCormack, Roland Mühlethaler, Jussi Parikka, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos, Filipa Ramos, Nicholas Shapiro, Étienne Turpin and Philip Ursprung; as well as a large selection of images of Tomás Saraceno’s work.

À propos

Bilingual (French & English)
192 pages in color; 
Format : 285 x 225 mm
ISSN : 1951-672X
ISBN : 978-2-84711-106-4
15 € (France)
16 € (BE, IT, NL, Port. Cont, SP)
17 € (AU, DE)
£ 13.90 (UK)
20 CHF (CH)

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