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Magazine Palais #16

PALAIS offers an in-depth perspective at the exhibitions and the program of the Palais de Tokyo. Each season, the magazine places considerable emphasis on the artists’ self-expression, while inventing new kinds of interventions. It is open to other fields and other temporalities, thus becoming a tool for the comprehension of the present.


Following the development of an artist’s thought, witnessing the circumstances of his creativity, discerning the interval separating an idea from its execution, seeing the artist become accustomed to his own discoveries… Closely following the creative process, this latest issue of PALAIS magazine is given over to the artists’ own words, presented in a variety of formats, echoing the exhibition program of the Palais de Tokyo.
Contents of this issue: Croatian artist Damir Očko speaks to the art historian Daniele Balit; Fabrice Hyber converses with Théo Mercier, Pierre Giquel, Pascal Rousseau and Jacqueline Frydman; a focus on eight artists from the emerging contemporary art scene (Iván Argote, Tjorg Douglas Beer, Jonathan Binet, Maxime Chanson, Mimosa Échard, Thierry Liegeois, Éponine Momenceau and Henrik Potter); an essay on Neïl Beloufa by the art critic Gaël Charbau and on Alexandre Kojève by the art historian Boris Groys; inserts, projects and visuals contributed by Helen Marten, Ryan Gander, Christian Marclay and the artists of the Pavillon; Alexis Vaillant visits Markus Schinwald’s studio. PALAIS has also invited the art critic and theorist Jill Gasparina to create a dossier in dialogue with the exhibition “Imagination Adrift.” Inscribing the modern poetics of chance in a broad story of technologies and rationalization techniques, she constructs a complex narrative of the taming of chance, in which relationships of authority, control procedures and emancipatory tactics combine.


Bilingual (French & English)
192 pages in color ; 
ISSN 1951-672X
ISBN 978-2-84711-052-4
15 € (FRANCE)
16 € (BE, IT, NL, Port. Cont, SP)
17 € (AU, DE)
£ 13.90 (UK)
20 CHF (CH)