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Eric Minh Cuong Castaing

A choreographer and visual artist, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing has since 2016 been an associate artist with the Ballet National de Marseille. He set up the Shonen company in 2007, with which he has created a good fifteen shows, performances, films and installations bringing together dance and new technologies. Seeing the latter as new perceptive structures, he creates set-ups – on stage, or elsewhere – which renew the relationships between bodies and their environment.
Associating professional and amateur dancers, his practice pays attention to the notion of specific or exceptional bodies in human on non-human motion, as well as processes of creation, which he describes as being “in socius” given that he sets in sociocultural realities, or in a partnership with institutions outside the world of art (a research laboratory, medical centre, NGO, schools…)
Born in 1979 in Seine-Saint-Denis, Eric Minh Cuong Castaing is a graduate of Les Gobelins, the pictorial school in Paris. His work is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture (Drac PACA, CNC-DICRéAM…) and has received various prices (Pulsar, Rêve de brouillon numérique Scam, Bourse numérique Lagardère, Bourse chorégraphique Beaumarchais-SACD, first prize for artistic and cultural daring from the Fondation Diversité…).