General public

Museum Education
| For all ages |
Through visits and original workshops, you'll immerse yourself in the smaller and larger History of the work exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo. Guided tours, events, workshops or open-access informational services are so many opportunities to enhance your visit to the Palais de Tokyo.
Little Palais

| Young visitors and families |
Colors, shapes, then gestures and words, children express themselves quite naturally thanks to contemporary art. A school for the imagination, the Tok-Tok activities place the child at the heart of current creative practice and help develop his/her sense of observation, inventiveness and independence.

Educational initiatives

Debates, itineraries, active visits, workshops, meetings for professionals… Find out about all these initiatives and activities initiated by the Palais de Tokyo enabling pupils, students and the whole educational community to tackle contemporary art, by stimulating the imagination, creativity and the critical faculty. 

Community Outreach
For social and cultural activities
In keeping with its mission to make contemporary art more accessible to all, Palais de Tokyo has developed a number of initiatives designed to bring in audiences that don't necessarily visit cultural institutions as a rule.
Education resources
Consult or download the pamphlets offering tips for your visit, the cultural mediation tools, or the pedagogic notebooks focusing on the exhibitions.

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