Louis Roederer Foundation

The Louis Roederer Foundation and Palais de Tokyo, pursuing the quest for works of art.

Louis Roederer champagne’s partnership with the Palais de Tokyo coincides with the creation of the Louis Roederer Foundation.

Being part of this amazing creative nexus, set to be one of the most jubilant and fruitful in the world, is both a pleasure and a duty for Louis Roederer in the maison’s “quest for works of art”. Its involvement will open up fresh opportunities and provide a new dynamic, further adding to a wealth of patronage initiatives over the past ten years – including partnerships with the BnF, a number of festivals in New York, Paris, Aix, London, Deauville, Berlin, Hong Kong, and featuring major artists such as Sophie Calle, Bettina Rheims, Stéphane Couturier, JR, Jean-Michel Alberola, Raymond Depardon, Martial Raysse…

These ten exciting years have earned the grand old champagne firm from Rheims the French distinction of ‘Great Benefactor of Culture’.

For over two hundred and fifty years, Roederer has been dedicated to producing the best Champagne wines – and, for some twenty years now, other great wines in Médoc, Provence, Portugal and California. First and foremost, this involves work on material aspects, such as the soil, the vines, cellars and blends; but the non-tangible aspects mustn’t be neglected, either.
Hand in hand with institutions and artists, it is the “quest for works of art” that adds this further dimension, both to the daily oil and to the wines themselves.
If those who taste them consciously or unconsciously experience this inspiration, in much the same way as they enjoy the bubbles and silky texture of a given vintage, the “quest for works of art” will have reached its goal.

Similarly, it will not have been in vain if, however modestly, it can contribute to artistic creation and its influence. Our thanks go to Jean-Michel Alberola, who was instrumental in bringing together the Palais de Tokyo and the Louis Roederer Foundation. How could we be anything other than proud of this partnership, illustrated by Alberola in the beautifully painted walls of the “Salle des instructions”, an invitation to a radically different way of thinking? And the neon “Cristal” , suspended as a glance – and what a glance! – above the entrance of the Palais and its tables where one can have a glass of wine, might be the best tribute of an artist to the humble “quest of the artwork” in which we engage in our vineyards and our cellars.

Our thanks too to Jean de Loisy, Julie Narbey, Anne-Marie Hibbs and all the Palais’ team for having taken the Louis Roederer Foundation on its friendly board, towards many amazing discoveries.

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