Monsieur Bleu


With an enviable location in the new wing of the Palais de Tokyo, perched on the quays of the Seine just across from the Eiffel Tower, Monsieur Bleu caters equally well for sociable suppers, business lunches, family meals, artist meetings, or indeed lively late-nights. Its kitchens open around the clock, offering menus full of flair but conscious of the simple needs of the lunch-breakers, Monsieur Bleu is set to become the latest opening you simply won’t want to miss ! This versatile address designed by the architect Joseph Dirand, both cosmopolitan and international, presents a haven as delectable to the gourmet as it is to the gourmand, a living space where you may nibble just as easily as you’ll lunch, a forum for chance encounters as much as regular rendez-vous and if you fancy a dance, well you can do that too. The bar menu has been created created in collaboration with Alix Lacloche. And to make the most of the sun and warm evenings, you’ll be glad of one of the most beautiful terraces* in Paris with its unrivalled view of the Eiffel Tower, preserved for the chillier months by full-height glazing; Parisian luxury at its most irresistible.

A veritable folly amidst the Parisian landscape, Palais de Tokyo has never since its inception been far from the headlines. Not only a formidable space for artistic experimentation, it encompasses a lifestyle. From noon to night, about the dining table or on the dance floor, ensconced in a good book or the pursuit of love, everything is played out to the frenetic rhythm of the artistic way of life. Channelling this energy, Monsieur Bleu colonises spaces left empty over the decades like a mythical kingdom slumbering through the centuries suddenly awoken by passing footsteps. Cut from the mould of the Palais de Tokyo, Monsieur Bleu is unique and even intangible : convivial but demanding, open but particular, lively and intimate, it partakes of the general atmosphere and thereby amplifies its effect on body and mind.

* Artistic direction is entrusted to Benjamin Cassan et Franck Maillot.

Opening hours :
Everyday from 12pm to 2am
T. (+33) 1 47 20 90 47
Terrace open from May to September
A la carte between 30€ and 50€
Lunch (except weekends) : 25€ or 30€
Valet parking service: 20, avenue de New York 75116 Paris