Foto-Automat: The Collective Behind the Flash

It was only a matter of time before someone thought of bringing those columns of 4 small silvery portraits back into fashion. The collective FOTO-AUTOMAT, which has existed in Berlin for over ten years and in Paris since 2007, restores and restyles black and white photo booths from another era in order to give them a new, more stunning, more unique, and more creative life.

Berlin > Paris: the comeback of the B/W photo booth.

The good old-fashioned photo booth first reappeared in France in September 2007 and made its home at the Palais de Tokyo, where it was ready to take your picture in black and white in four flashes! Notice to the public – to all actors, bigwigs, artists, lovers, etc. Come give in to your narcissistic urges for just 2 euros.

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