Lek (French Kiss, LCA, GNS, RAW, 1984) & Sowat (Da Mental Vaporz)

Lek is one of the first generation of Parisian graffiti artists who learnt his craft in the legendary area between La Chapelle and Stalingrad where French street culture emerged. Sowat is a Franco-American graffiti artist who matured in the surroundings of Marseille and Los Angeles, inspired by Chaz Bojorquez, one of the major figures in Californian graffiti who developed “Cholo writing”, a calligraphy created in the 1940s and intended to mark out the territories of Latino gangs.

Lek and Sowat are jointly involved in the practice of Urbex, taking over places that are derelict but with a powerful history – not unreminiscent of Palais de Tokyo. In their large-scale frescos, the typographical motifs traditionally used in graffiti are taken toward a form of architecturally influenced abstraction.