Eva Jospin
In order to enter the exhibition « Inside », the visitor must first dare to step into a mysterious forest created by Eva Jospin (born in 1975, lives and works in Paris). The forest – an incarnation of nature in the wild – is above all the setting in traditional storytelling of tests of courage, and can be a gloomy or initiatory place. The forest is also where one encounters oneself. This walk through the forest initiates the visit to « Inside », which is also an inner journey. Eva Jospin works with cardboard to create volume and perspective, creating evocative bas-reliefs. A painstaking process of cutting, assemblage and overlay coupled with an element of violence in her gestures enable her to carve out dense yet delicate, mysterious and soothing forests. The artist realizes works that manage to be both frontal and immersive, the perfect media for mental projection via a familiar material devoid of any intrinsic aesthetic quality.