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Photographie "Glow up" de 2021 par Aïda Bruyère

Make up destroyerz II Performance by Aïda Bruyère

Make up destroyerz II is a live experimentation of the ASMR effects generated by the sound amplification and the screening of make-up destruction. Scratched, crushed, spread, creams and powders offer infinite textures and sounds. Through a careful gesture, similar to the one used for the presentation of products, shapes and sounds envelop and captivate us, as make-up tutorials and ASMR viral videos can do.

Aïda Bruyère explores issues of the individual and collective identities representations within public space through dance, pose and accessories. With the performance Make up destroyerz II, conceived in the framework of her solo exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo, the artist continues her researchs on make-up. Tool of metamorphosis, disguise or camouflage, the make-up is also for the artist a potential instrument of construction of the feminine archetype that it is necessary to reappropriate.


On 15/01/2022, at 8pm

Entrance upon presentation of an exhibition ticket, subject to availability.

Aïda Bruyère

Born in 1995 in Senegal, Aïda Bruyère lives in Mali before moving to Paris to study art. The images she keeps from her youth, those she creates with artists, dancers and photographers, and those she collects, are the starting pointof fanzines and installations through which she explores practices of emancipation and empowerment.

Aïda Bruyère graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2020 and is the winner of the Grand Prix of the 64th Salon de Montrouge (2019). She has presented her work at La Station Gare des Mines (Paris, 2020) and in the exhibitions "Bad'in twerk" (Doc!, Paris, 2021), "Detroit City Guide Book" (Paris, 2019), "Dans les griffes du pangolin" (494, Brussels, 2019) or "Les appartements du président chapitre I" (Consortium, Dijon, 2017).