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Creating bespoke partnerships together.

The biggest contemporary art center in Europe

  • Abundant cultural programming featuring all art disciplines welcoming all audiences, and open to the world
  • 22 000 m2 of distinctive raw spaces situated in the heart of Paris
  • 720 000 visitors per year, half of which are under 30 years old
  • Between 20 and 35% of foreign visitors varying between exhibitions
  • A contemporary art center in the heart of Paris, open from midday to midnight
Convinced that opening up to creation and sharing its opportunities and challenges creates the right setting for innovation, we offer you building bespoke collaborations tailored towards your strategic and communication objectives.

Partnerships: partnering around shared values

Get involved with cultural projects that affirm your business values of innovation and address your communication and public relations objectives through a bespoke patronage or partnership initiative.
Share externally
Benefit from exceptional visibility around the supported project.
Federate internally
Share your experience of contemporary art through conferences organised at your premises and open day events at the Palais de Tokyo.
Build crossover initiatives
Associate structures and organisations of social value that you support.
Organise public relations initiatives for both your existing and prospective clients and benefit from invitations for private views with the commissioners.

Cultural engineering: our expertise at the service of your business

Together with artists, let’s build cultural projects that meet your development objectives.
Enjoy a bespoke accompanying framework
Showcase your brand and business, inspire your collaborators and deliver immersive experiences to your customers.
Imagine innovative cultural projects
Co-creations of art, moving cultural projects, artistic installations and initiatives at your premises, conferences and talks, personalised workshops, co-branded products...
Benefit from our know-how
Across all expressions of contemporary creation: exhibition, performance, new media, street art...
and all phases of project conception: research, consulting, production, training in outreach, etc.

For a sustainable Palais: building a responsible patronage initiative together

Palais de Tokyo is committed to making culture sustainable by putting ecological and social issues at the forefront of its programming and operations. To ensure this transition, it is initiating new conversations between the worlds of art and business around the following initiatives:
The art & ecology circle
Create a double impact: support the role of creation in raising environmental awareness and act towards making Palais de Tokyo more sustainable.
The art & society circle
Foster well-being through art and favor growth of programmes focusing on cultural outreach and art therapy within a new venue of 500 m² located in the heart of Palais de Tokyo.
Share your commitment with the public
Take part in a unique moment highlighted by media coverage, engaging with the question of social and environmental responsibility shared by the world of business and culture.


Partnering with Palais de Tokyo for a duration of 3 years, the brand had organised a photoshoot with Michelle Yeoh in our spaces and regularly invites its employees to each exhibition opening.

RICHARD MILLE federates internally

A patron of solidarity cultural outreach, the Engie Foundation organised a restitution of a citizen consultation entitled “How to make culture accessible to all?” at Palais de Tokyo.

THE ENGIE FOUNDATION builds crossover initiative

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